Little Marauder's Caliander - The Mac calendar that's fast, convenient and easily syncs with iCal and your phone, iPod or iPad.

Caliander is the Mac calendar app that keeps you on top of things with a minimum of fuss. Create events five times faster, enjoy a smarter presentation of your events, and create events from anywhere, at anytime, with a global keyboard shortcut!

Screenshot of Caliander

Three of the Reasons Why:

Smarter Presentation

Instead of borrowing the static layout from paper calendars, Caliander takes a new approach and shows your events on a timeline in a dynamic way.

Why should a computer calendar have the problems of paper calendars? Seeing the past instead of the future at the end of the month; trying to fit everything inside the little box of that extra busy day?

Caliander also has an extra trick, perfect for checking your daily schedule: switch on the perceptual log mode and the distant future is squeezed together to show the more important near future in greater detail. This means you’ll see today’s schedule in great detail, but still be reminded of all the things coming up in the next couple of days.


Create Events from Anywhere, Anytime!

Pick a keyboard shortcut, and you can add a new event from any application, even if Caliander isn’t even running. Adding events is so easy, you’ll stop putting it off!


Fast keyboard driven interface!

Here’s how to create an event for Mom’s surprise party on May 3rd using Caliander and iCal:

  1. Press ⌘–N
  2. Enter “May 3rd Surprise Party for Mom”
  3. Press ↩

Caliander allows you to create events directly from the keyboard using natural english descriptions. You’ll be typing the title anyway, so why not type in the date and save yourself from having to move between umpteen fields using the mouse or the tab key? It's five times faster than mousing around!

And don’t worry: Caliander supports all the normal mouse interactions as well.

Works with iCal and all your devices!


Caliander uses the same calendar database as iCal, so there is no need to import your old calendar, and you don't have to be afraid of your events being stuck in some proprietary format. Changes made in Caliander instantly appears in iCal and your networked calendars (requires Mac OSX Mountain Lion.)